Come Join Us

I personally want to invite you to join us as we go about on a little exploration of place. The space we call home. The home we call place. We’re all in this together whether or not there is a call for us to divide. Where are we going if not as one? I think about that a lot. I’m here navigating my little terrain, and at times it’s spectacular and full of promise, and at other times it feels just as fleeting as life itself. Fragile and uncertain. But this is a space to create dialogue about how we, each of us, belongs. Join us as we explore what it means to become a part of something bigger and easily more fantastical than we ever imagined. Our lives interconnect in ways that will bring us together. Let’s share these experiences as we write and laugh and love and share all that it means to be a modern day explorer. Lots to share…and welcome!