"In my 20 years' experience in the Healing Arts, few things I have come across equal the therapeutic value of journaling and re-storying our journey for creating wholeness. The insights which this style of self-discovery allows for, the depths of unlearning possible, are difficult match, even in many professional settings. I highly recommend this kind of program as part of anyone's pathwork to self-awareness, self-growth, and the internal locus of control necessary for true empowerment in our lives." 

–Addi Strasser, BA HTP HNC Holistic Healer


"Thank you for broadening my world and motivating me to be a more aware and stronger reader – and, I hope, a better writer."

– Diane F., Beginning Creative Writing participant

"[Amanda] was marvelous! I really appreciated her knowledge and expertise. She made writing seem less scary and more accessible for a beginner. Loved this class!"

– Cindy R., Beginning Creative Writing participant

"Wonderful event. Thought provoking and engaging for the duration of the workshop and beyond. Not only was it advantageous to get instant feedback from Amanda, who was gracious and genuine in her return, but also from other attendants that ran a wide range of age, race, and gender identity."

–Pat Berryhill, participant in Ethnoautobiography: Reconnecting to Our Origin Stories workshop taught at Salem College

"[Amanda] is well organized. Obviously gifted, well-read, and enjoys a wide variety of life experience and reading, and writing experience, which she is well able to share."

– Diane B., Beginning Creative Writing participant