To promote and encourage the (re)membering, (re)discovery and (re)imagining of our origin stories through an ongoing reciprocity with the earth.


Through workshops, interviews, creative writing, collaboration and partnerships, we envision an inclusive space that grows and transforms as we explore our “long body” in “deep time.”


  • Utang na Loob: gratitude, solidarity, reciprocity

  • Lakas ng loob: courage in the face of uncertainty

  • Kapwa: “shared inner self,” or “I am a body in relation to other bodies” (“shared innerconnectedness”)

  • Pakiramdam (“shared inner perception”) and Pakikiramdam (“empathy”)

  • Pakikipagkapwa: treating the other person as a fellow human being; recognizing the shared inner self (kapwa)

  • Kagandahang-loob: shared humanity

  • Karangalan (“dignity”), Katarungan (“justice”), and Kalayaan (“freedom”)

The land knows you, even when you are lost.
— Robin Wall Kimmerer